"Each year, the G4 Experience evolves. It's like a rock 'n' roll show, so you hit the ground running, adapt, and improve every hour it's going. That's what makes it fun! For 2017, things are evolving yet again. 2017 is the actually the 30th anniversary of my album Surfing with the Alien—if you can't believe it's been this long, imagine how I feel! That ignited something of a creative firestorm when we began thinking about the G4 Experience, and we decided to focus the camp on Surfing with the Alien.

From July 24-28 at the Asilomar Center in gorgeous Carmel, CA, I'll be hosting Joe Satriani's G4 Experience 2017: Surfing with the Alien 30th Anniversary.

When I look back on the album, it's a celebratory record of the rock 'n' roll I love—from Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix. It's very inclusive and broad in styles. That inclusivity is a signature of G4. Now, we want to give you the ultimate window into this record. No matter where I go, fans always bring up Surfing with the Alien. I love talking about it and sharing these stories. The goal is to satiate every curiosity you may have on your mind!

At the same time, it will be everything campers love about the G4 Experience. After breakfast, classes will start in the morning. It's your opportunity to ask any and all questions about the album! We'll have dinner, and then I'll be performing in front of a very small audience. Afterwards, you can spend the rest of the night jamming until you're too tired to play anymore, of course. The interaction between campers and musicians is a cornerstone of the event. That’s such a key element, which I really cherish. You’re going to get that bond.

As with every G4 Experience, 2017 will be all-encompassing. The memory is something people can take with them and treasure. That's the spiritual side of what we do. I'm committed to making sure we answer all of your questions about everything from scales and chords to guitar strings and pickups, but it's also about enjoying these four days together. You get the chance to learn in a party atmosphere, hang in a beautiful location, make great friends, and leave a better player than when you arrived.

Can't wait to see you and go Surfing with the Alien again..."

Joe Satriani