Impressive looks meets impressive sound and playability. For 6 string and aspiring 6 string bassists, the Ibanez BTB686SC will give you everything you are looking for and more.

It's the smart layout and functionality of the controls that make the Ibanez Echo Shifter a standout and help bridge the gap between modern stompbox practicality and the quirky joys of tape delay and analog synths.

Since the days of “lawsuit” guitars, through the company’s breakout period of Icemans and Professionals, and on into the JEM age, Ibanez has always been about delivering excellent off-the-shelf instruments. But though many of us tend to associate the brand with rock chops these days, some of the company’s first, most important artist associations were with jazz guitarists. And it’s rather telling that some of the genre’s biggest icons like George Benson, Pat Metheny, and John Scofield choose to ...

Ibanez has a long and respected history, and while at times the company gets stereotyped because of instruments they manufactured during the “lawsuit era” of the ’70s, that stigma continues to fade. Today Ibanez produces a wide range of well-crafted instruments, ranging from entry-level to upscale...
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"The JD9 marks the first true-bypass entry in the company's 9 Series of pedals (along with the simultaneously released BB9). The pedal has four simple controls: Drive, Volume, Mid, and Tone. The Drive knob allows you to adjust the gain, ranging from a medium overdrive to a hard punch. The Volume knob controls the output level—a full counterclockwise rotation will shut off the output while a full clockwise rotation will actually give the pedal a fairly significant boost from your base volume lev...
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Paul Gilbert's Signature Airplane Flanger makes Guitar World's Top 25 Coolest Products List of '09.
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This modern superwah boasts numerous controls to shape the wah’s tone and gives you ...
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Ibanez’s successful Premium line incorporates many of the features found in the company’s flagship Prestige series at a price point that makes these popular instruments go-to guitars for the working pro.