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Can I order a guitar case, gig bag?
Ibanez cases can be ordered thru your local Ibanez retailer.

Do all Ibanez cases have your logo on them?
Yes. If it doesn’t say Ibanez on the case, it isn’t an Ibanez. Our own cases are designed specifically to fit our own instruments. We do not recommend generic fit-all cases.

How can I get an extra set of keys for my Ibanez case?
Our keys are based on standard key models which can be found at any luggage store.

Where can I order or download a catalog?

How can I email or contact Ibanez?
Ibanez is very interested in your opinions on our products and comments can be submitted through our inquiry form. However, we regret that due to the high volume of email, we cannot offer a personal response to every email.

The email address is for United States residents only. For all other inquiries, please visit our other web sites.

Written comments may be sent to: Ibanez Sales and Service, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020

How can I become an authorized Ibanez retailer?
Please send a description (including product lines carried) of your operation on company letterhead to Ibanez National Sales Manager, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020. Please note that you must have an existing retail location; Ibanez does not authorize exclusively online dealerships.

How can I become an Ibanez sales representative in the United States?
At this time, our outside sales territories in the United States are well represented. Resumes for possible future openings may be sent to: Ibanez National Sales Manager, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020.

How do I go about applying for an Ibanez endorsement?
Applications for all Ibanez endorsements are handled through our artist relations office in N. Hollywood, CA.
An application package for Ibanez endorsement must contain the following to be considered:
1. Cover letter
2. Bio
3. CD and/or audio tape and/or video
4. Contact information

These materials should be sent to:
Ibanez Artist Relations
10888 La Tuna Canyon Rd. Unit A
Sun Valley, CA 91352 U.S.A.

Please do not send any one-of-a-kind materials as all Ibanez endorsement as application packages cannot be returned.
Many factors are considered in musical instrument endorsements including, but not limited to your musical talents, your current visibility as a player and band member and your ability to effect other players positively–and as with anything in this business we call music, sometimes it´s simply being in the right place with the right style or chops at the right time. In order for us to be able to work closely with our artists, endorsement agreements are of necessity very limited and we cannot guarantee a personal response to every application.

I live in the U.S. Where is the nearest dealer?
To find the authorized retailer nearest you, please check our dealer locater.

Where can I find out the history of Ibanez guitars?
Well, for starters, right here…
A Short History Of A Company With A Long History
If you wanted a total history of Ibanez you´d have go back to 1908 when a company named Hoshino began as a sheet music store and later music products distributor in Nagoya Japan.
If you wanted a little less completeness than that you´d go back about forty-five when Hoshino began distributing a Spanish guitar named Ibanez. Or perhaps you´d simply go to the Mid 60´s when Hoshino, who by that time had purchased the rights to the Ibanez name, began shipping incredibly funky looking guitars to the United States, many of which were actually sold in department stores.
But for most of us, Ibanez pretty much begins almost 30 years ago, when Hoshino opened an office near Philadelphia, PA for more efficiently distributing Ibanez guitars to the United States. Most of those guitars were Ibanez´ famous high quality (but very inexpensive) copies of just about everything–you name it, we probably made a version of it. At that time many American instruments were going through an unfortunate period of increasing prices with decreasing quality, and these copies hit a ready market.
But the people with Ibanez weren´t content with just copying and Ibanez began making their own designs: the solid body Artists (played by Bob Weir of the Dead) the Iceman (first made famous by Paul Stanley of KISS and the George Benson guitars, the first jazz boxes designed for higher volume stage playing. Many of these "first" Ibanez guitars continue to increase in value and a good number are now highly prized collector´s items.
By 1976, the Ibanez copy era officially came to an end when one of the major American guitar manufacturers--no longer amused by the copiers–successfully sued the highest profile copier, Ibanez. But by that time it didn´t matter–Ibanez had already left the copies behind and was fast becoming an innovative guitar company in its own right.
By the mid-80´s with the interest in instrumental rock guitar on the rise, Ibanez collaborated with players such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert and brought out the JEM, JS, RG and S models. Today, present day versions such as these models still considered the standard in hard rock and instrumental rock guitars.
As well known for its jazz guitars as it is for rock, Ibanez has an impressive line of jazz boxes including the aforementioned George Benson models, two Pat Metheny models, and most recently, the new John Scofield signature semi-acoustic.
One final note...Ibanez is also one of the top selling bass companies in the world (in many places the top selling bass). Ibanez first drew attention in the 70´s and 80´s with its neck-thru Musician basses with active electronics. Today, Ibanez offers the huge number of 4, 5, and 6 basses in the Soundgear as well as the basses of the future, the luthite-bodied Ergodynes.


Can I have a guitar custom made for me? Can I order a guitar in a color that doesn't appear on the website/catalog. Can I order a bass with active vs. passive pickup?
Because of the increasing demand for Ibanez guitars overall, Ibanez does not build custom guitars at this time (we have at different periods in the past). The only guitars and finishes available are those in the current catalogue or on the website . An exception are the limited production models such as anniversary guitars offered by different Ibanez retailers that feature non-standard combinations of hardware, finishes, etc.
Most non-standard guitars played by our artists are prototypes made by our Research and Design facility in Los Angeles. These prototype guitars can be compared to "concept cars"--they allow Ibanez to figure our what features should be (and shouldn’t be) offered in our regular models.

Can I purchase I guitar directly from your company, or do I have to buy from a dealer?
Ibanez guitars, basses, and electronics are available only through authorized Ibanez retailers. Please see our dealer locater to find the Ibanez dealer nearest you.

Do we Ibanez have any guitars made in the U.S.?
Although we have had models made in the U.S at different times in our history, we are not currently building production guitars in the United States.

Do you make left-hand guitars?
Yes. At this time Ibanez offers several models of left handed guitars, GRX20LBK, GSR100LBK, RG1570LBK, SR300DXLBK

How can I find out if you make a certain guitar anymore?
Only those guitars in our current catalogue are still in production.

How can I find out prices on new guitars?
For an Ibanez retail price list (U.S inquiries only), please write Ibanez Price Lists, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020.

I'd like to find out the value of an old Ibanez guitar no longer produced?
Ibanez only suggests list prices for our new instruments, we cannot estimate the current market value of an older instrument. We can say that as the popularity of Ibanez instruments has increased, so have the prices of our older instruments. However, Ibanez guitars have always been a good value, it’s still possible to get a "deal" if you do the research. Check the Orion Blue Book or Guitar Blue Book of Values and check as many vintage websites as you can. Prices vary widely in different parts of the country.
If you have an old Ibanez guitar and are unable to figure the model or price, the fastest way would be to see if you can locate on one of the sites that specializes in old Ibanez guitars such as the Ibanez Collector’s Forum or Please note that while Ibanez has found that these website have a great deal of excellent information and history, Ibanez is not affiliated these website and cannot verify or confirm their information.
It is possible to send pictures of your instrument (back and front) to Ibanez Instrument Identification, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020 for identification. We can only aid those who send a picture and this service is available only on models sold in the United States. We cannot give the production figures of how many of a particular model were made. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a reply. Please do not send one of a kind pictures as we cannot guarantee return.

I would like someone to know my thoughts about your product (good or bad).
Ibanez is very interested in your opinions on our products and comments can be sent to However, we regret that due to the high volume of email, we cannot offer a personal response to every email.
The email address is for United States residents only. For all other inquiries, please visit our other web sites.
Written comments may be sent to: Ibanez Sales and Service, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020

Where can I send my comments about an Ibanez dealer’s service?
Please forward your comments to: Ibanez Sales and Service, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020.

Can I order a fretless neck?
Ibanez does not sell necks separately.

Can I order replacement parts such as trem arms, pots, saddles, etc.?
Please order your Ibanez parts thru your favorite dealer (see our dealer locater). To find the part number you need, check our guitar parts diagrams coming very soon.

Do we reproduce pickguards?
No, we don’t. One company that has been reproducing Ibanez pickguards for a very long time is WD pickguards at . Please note that Ibanez is not affiliated with WD and this listing is as a service to our website readers.



How do I maintain my guitar?
Information on maintaining you instrument is also in the help section.

Where can I find out what kind of strings were used on specific guitars?
Try the help section

Where can I get help if I don't understand the manual?
More detailed information on tuning, tremolo systems, etc. can be found in the help section.