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How do I go about applying for an Ibanez endorsement?
Applications for all Ibanez endorsements are handled through our artist relations office in N. Hollywood, CA.
An application package for Ibanez endorsement must contain the following to be considered:
1. Cover letter
2. Bio
3. CD and/or audio tape and/or video
4. Contact information

These materials should be sent to:
Ibanez Artist Relations
10888 La Tuna Canyon Rd. Unit A
Sun Valley, CA 91352 U.S.A.

Please do not send any one-of-a-kind materials as all Ibanez endorsement as application packages cannot be returned.
Many factors are considered in musical instrument endorsements including, but not limited to your musical talents, your current visibility as a player and band member and your ability to effect other players positively–and as with anything in this business we call music, sometimes it´s simply being in the right place with the right style or chops at the right time. In order for us to be able to work closely with our artists, endorsement agreements are of necessity very limited and we cannot guarantee a personal response to every application.