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Can I have a guitar custom made for me? Can I order a guitar in a color that doesn't appear on the website/catalog. Can I order a bass with active vs. passive pickup?
Because of the increasing demand for Ibanez guitars overall, Ibanez does not build custom guitars at this time (we have at different periods in the past). The only guitars and finishes available are those in the current catalogue or on the website . An exception are the limited production models such as anniversary guitars offered by different Ibanez retailers that feature non-standard combinations of hardware, finishes, etc.
Most non-standard guitars played by our artists are prototypes made by our Research and Design facility in Los Angeles. These prototype guitars can be compared to "concept cars"--they allow Ibanez to figure our what features should be (and shouldn’t be) offered in our regular models.

Can I purchase I guitar directly from your company, or do I have to buy from a dealer?
Ibanez guitars, basses, and electronics are available only through authorized Ibanez retailers. Please see our dealer locater to find the Ibanez dealer nearest you.

Do we Ibanez have any guitars made in the U.S.?
Although we have had models made in the U.S at different times in our history, we are not currently building production guitars in the United States.