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Do you make left-hand guitars?
Yes. At this time Ibanez offers several models of left handed guitars, GRX20LBK, GSR100LBK, RG1570LBK, SR300DXLBK

How can I find out if you make a certain guitar anymore?
Only those guitars in our current catalogue are still in production.

How can I find out prices on new guitars?
For an Ibanez retail price list (U.S inquiries only), please write Ibanez Price Lists, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020.

I'd like to find out the value of an old Ibanez guitar no longer produced?
Ibanez only suggests list prices for our new instruments, we cannot estimate the current market value of an older instrument. We can say that as the popularity of Ibanez instruments has increased, so have the prices of our older instruments. However, Ibanez guitars have always been a good value, it’s still possible to get a "deal" if you do the research. Check the Orion Blue Book or Guitar Blue Book of Values and check as many vintage websites as you can. Prices vary widely in different parts of the country.
If you have an old Ibanez guitar and are unable to figure the model or price, the fastest way would be to see if you can locate on one of the sites that specializes in old Ibanez guitars such as the Ibanez Collector’s Forum or Please note that while Ibanez has found that these website have a great deal of excellent information and history, Ibanez is not affiliated these website and cannot verify or confirm their information.
It is possible to send pictures of your instrument (back and front) to Ibanez Instrument Identification, 1726 Winchester Road, Bensalem, PA 19020 for identification. We can only aid those who send a picture and this service is available only on models sold in the United States. We cannot give the production figures of how many of a particular model were made. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a reply. Please do not send one of a kind pictures as we cannot guarantee return.